A Dictionary of Modern Politics

N; David Robertson; A





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In the increasingly complex world of modern politics, the fully revised and expanded fourth edition of this long-standing title provides a comprehensive guide to political ideologies and terminologies. Listing topics covering all aspects of international and national politics, this text is an essential reference source for students of politics at all levels as well as to those with a general interest in the subject.
Containing about 600 entries, A Dictionary of Modern Politics is an excellent introduction for those new to the subject and explains those ideas and institutions commonly used in the media such as Monarchy, Jihad, Third Way, Police State and Thatcherism.
The significance of prominent philosophers of the last three millennia, including Aristotle, Aquinas and John Stuart Mill, is introduced and related to the modern political thinking of those such as Rawls and Nozick.

Key features:
ˇ A clear and succinct guide to the complex theories, dogmas and phraseologies which pervade theworld of politics
ˇ Organized alphabetically
ˇ Fully cross-referenced

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