Environmental Law

Nancy Kubasek; Gary Silverman




Prentice Hall

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Kubasek and Silverman's Environmental Law, Fifth Edition, explains the legal system and process in general, discusses specific environmental laws, and presents the scientific background necessary to understand each law. As always, Kubasek and Silverman's emphasis remains on making ethical decisions regarding our environment.

Highlights of the new edition include:
  • Full discussion of the controversial Clear Skies Initiative.
  • Coverage of the impact of the Bush Administration on environmental law, including how President Bush is changing the face of environmental law and increasing the responsibility of each state to protect the environment.
  • Updated cases throughout with new environmental law decisions highlighted and discussed.
  • Expanded coverage of natural resources protection.
  • Legal research database available at no charge. Prentice Hall is pleased to announce a new partnership with VersusLaw. See your rep for details.

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