Psychology: The Science Of Behavior

Neil R. Carlson; John W. Donahoe; William Buskist; G. Neil Martin; Harold Miller; C. Donald Heth




Allyn & Bacon

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Based on the connections between behavior and its biological underpinnings, Carlson presents psychological behavior in the context of its adaptive significance - effectively leading students through the discovery process and enabling them to think critically about contemporary issues.

This content in the 6th edition is the result of an international consortium of Carlson, Psychology authors - Carlson, Buskist, Miller (United States); Heth, Enzle (Canada); and Martin (United Kingdom) - who have combined their talent, experience, and psychological perspective to contribute to the first truly global edition of the text. This world perspective offers students a more contemporary, balanced, and exciting view of psychology than any other introductory textbook.

Research Methods, Evolution, Heredity, Behavior, Biology of Behavior, Learning and Behavior, Sensation, Perception, Memory, Consciousness, Language, Intelligence and Thinking, Life-Span Development, Motivation and Emotion, Personality, Social Psychology, Life-Style, Stress, Health, Nature, Causes of Mental Illness and Treatment of Mental Disorders

Introductory Psychology

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