Legal Rights of Teachers and Students

Nelda H. Cambron-McCabe; Martha M. McCarthy; Stephen B. Thomas




Allyn & Bacon

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Legal Rights of Teachers and Students provides an applied treatment of the current status of the law governing public schools in the key areas that concern teachers AND students.

Written for the growing undergraduate and returning professional audience of teachers, this text addresses legal principles applicable to pre-service and in-service practitioners in a succinct, comprehensive manner. This book presents the central issues that concern school personnel in their daily activities: church/state relations, instructional issues, student expression, students with disabilities, student discipline, teacher employment, teachers substantive rights, termination of employment and tort liability. Information in this text will guide practitioners and help alleviate concerns voiced by new educators who are not familiar with the legal concepts that govern schools.


  • Discusses implications of legal mandates and provides guidelines for school personnel.
  • Presents material in a clear, non-technical manner, avoiding the extensive use of legal terms while providing basic documentation for further exploration of issues.
  • Provides study questions, case scenarios and charts to assist readers in understanding the concepts of school law.
  • Features a glossary of basic terms and a table of Supreme Court cases at the end of the text.
  • Highlights changes in the law and emerging areas of controversy, such as student-initiated devotional activities, discipline of children with disabilities, use of metal detectors in student searches, drug testing of students and employees, peer sexual harassment, expression on the Internet and implementation of affirmative action plans.
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Nelda H. Cambron-McCabe
Martha M. McCarthy
Steven B. Thomas

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