Planning on the Edge: The Context for Planning at the Rural-urban Fringe

Nick Gallent; Johan Andersson; Marco Bianconi





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More than a tenth of the land mass of the UK comprises urban fringe: the countryside around towns that has been called plannings last frontier. One of the key challenges facing spatial planners is the land-use management of this area, regarded by many as fit only for locating sewage works, essential service functions and other un-neighborly uses. However, to others it is a dynamic area where a range of urban and rural uses collide.
Planning on the Edge fills an important gap in the literature, examining in detail the challenges that planning faces in this no-mans land. It presents both problems and solutions, and builds a vision for the urban fringe that is concerned with maximizing its potential and with bridging the physical and cultural rift between town and country. Its findings are presented in three sections:
* the urban fringe and the principles underpinning its management
* sectorial challenges faced at the urban fringe (including commerce, energy, recreation, farming, andhousing)
* managing the urban fringe more effectively in the future.

Students, professionals and researchers alike will benefit from the books structured approach, while the global and transferable nature of the principles and ideas underpinning the study will appeal to an international audience.

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