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Serious Money: The Art of Marketing Mutual Funds

Nick Murray




Robert a Stanger & Co

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"Serious Money" is the first truly complete sales system for mutual funds & other managed investment products -- a roadmap to success in communicating the benefits of any mutual fund to any investor. The book takes financial advisors from prospecting & establishing clients' needs, through making presentations, handling objections & the close. Along the way, readers develop an understanding of how to help clients think in new ways about mutual funds & managed money accounts. Wondering who to prospect, and how to prospect systematically & successfully? This book takes all the anxiety out of seeking new clients. Mystified & daunted by the bewildering variety of funds in the marketplace? "Serious Money" shows the great, overriding similarities in investors' needs, and the common-sense ability of funds to answer those needs. Readers learn exactly what to say to arrive effortlessly at an investor's deepest hopes & fears. See how to organize every mutual fund into The Universal Five-Point Managed Money Presentation -- a clear, simple, deeply empathetic & totally non-threatening presentation style. Readers learn to show any investor all the major benefits of any fund within five minutes, using specific sales presentations for the seven major types of fund products. Finally, "Serious Money" gives precisely worded answers to every major question or objection financial advisors commonly hear about mutual funds.

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Other editions: Softcover - 2003, 2001, 1999, 1999, Hardcover - 1996, Softcover - 1995, Softcover - 1975, Softcover - 1975

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