Albert Irvin: Life to Painting

Paul Moorhouse




Lund Humphries Pub Ltd

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This is the first monograph on British painter Albert Irvin (born 1922), whose large-scale abstract paintings are among the most exuberant and colorful work produced in Britain today. Irvin's mature work dates from 1959. In that year he saw the Tate Gallery's survey of Abstract Expressionist painting, The New American Painting. This experience was both radical and decisive: the example set by the New York School painters convinced him of the expressive potential and force of abstraction and he relinquished his earlier engagement with figurative painting. Since then, Irvin's dedication to abstract painting has been total and insistent. Paul Moorhouse, Assistant Keeper of the Modern Collection at the Tate Gallery, London, examines the language of Irvin's painting and the ways in which this is used to express what Irvin has described as 'the experience of being in the world'. Irvin characterizes this experience as a journey through the physical space of the world and, by extension, as a passage through life: marks made during the process of painting are thus metaphors for the artist's movement through the world, and the relation of shapes and colors is identified with the drama of life.

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