Quest for Kim: In Search of Kipling's Great Game

Peter Hopkirk




Univ of Michigan Pr

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Fascinated since childhood by Kim -- that strange tale of an orphan boy's recruitment into the Indian secret service -- Peter Hopkirk, renowned author of The Great Game, here sets out on an intriguing journey across India and Pakistan to unlock the many mysteries surrounding Kipling's great novel. As he travels, Hopkirk's detective work reveals that most of Kim's characters were inspired in whole or in part by actual individuals. Likewise its locations are real -- all of them familiar to the young Kipling. Mark Twain was one of the many captivated by Kim. He resolved to read it every year and made "the journey to India to qualify myself to read Kim understandingly and to realize how great a book it is." Hopkirk carefully sketches in Kipling's narrative so that it is not essential to have read Kim in order to enjoy this book. It is both a travel adventure and a literary detective story.

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