Capital Ideas: The Improbable Origins Of Modern Wall Street

Peter L. Bernstein




John Wiley & Sons Inc

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Capital Ideas traces the origins of modern Wall Street, from the pioneering work of early scholars and the development of new theories in risk, valuation, and investment returns, to the actual implementation of these theories in the real world of investment management. Bernstein brings to life a variety of brilliant academics who have contributed to modern investment theory over the years: Louis Bachelier, Harry Markowitz, William Sharpe, Fischer Black, Myron Scholes, Robert Merton, Franco Modigliani, and Merton Miller. Filled with in-depth insights and timeless advice, Capital Ideas reveals how the unique contributions of these talented individuals profoundly changed the practice of investment management as we know it today.

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Other editions: Hardcover - 2011, Softcover - 2009, Softcover - 2008, 2008, Softcover - 2008, Softcover - 2008, 2008, Hardcover - 2007, Softcover - 2006, 2006

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