All About Me: The Teenage Edition

Philipp Keel




Broadway Books

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The life of a teenager can be agonizing--so many changes, so many questions. "Who are my friends?" "Does he like me?" "How should I dress?" "Why are my parents so weird?" As teens struggle with first kisses, peer pressure, and (sigh) school, they are confronted for the first time with perhaps the most difficult question of all--"Who am I?"
Newly arrived to help teens and tweens discover their identity, ALL ABOUT ME FOR TEENS is a perfect way for teens to record and explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Based on his bestselling ALL ABOUT ME, Philipp Keel's newest book addresses different aspects of the teenage experience in an entertaining, playful way.
Filled with clever questions and fill-in-the-blanks that speak to teenagers in their own language, ALL ABOUT ME FOR TEENS covers a variety of topics, including History, Favorites, School, Morals, God and the World, Opinion, Family, Ego, What You Dislike, Wishes and Dreams, Emotions, Memories, Choices, Fears, and, of course, Friends.
With its snappy packaging, ALL ABOUT ME FOR TEENS is a fun and fabulous way to help teenagers think about who they are, what they want out of lie, and what's really important to them. By completing the book, teens will not only learn about themselves, they'll also have a special record of their lives to keep for years to come.

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