Webster's English Language Desk Reference: The All-in-One Dictionary, Thesaurus, Vocabulary Builder, And Grammar Guide

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Writers at all levels will find the ENGLISH LANGUAGE DESK REFERENCE to be an indispensable tool. In this one book you will find all of the following:

A clear guide to grammar, usage, and punctuation that covers all of the basics including a list of words commonly misspelled, comparisons between similar words with different meanings (i.e. elicit/illicit), and plenty of examples to illustrate the topics that are covered.

A guide to preparing and marking up a manuscript which covers standard manuscript formatting, how to format citations in both MLA and APA style, and a list and explanation of proofreaders' marks.

A section to help you enhance your vocabulary which includes lessons and quizzes and the etymology of 200 words!

The following quick reference guides are also included in this extraordinary tool:
Nations of the World
Oceans and Seas
Mountain Peaks
World Time Differences
U.S. Time Differences
Facts about the United States
Major Cities of the United States
Distances between United States Cities
Major American Holidays
Presidents of the United States
Forms of Address
Planets of the Solar System
First-Magnitude Stars
Alphabetical List of the Elements
Periodic Table of the Elements
Weights and Measures
Metric System
Foreign Alphabets
Signs and Symbols

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