Mary Queen of Scots

Retha M. Warnicke





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This fresh interpretation of Mary Queen of Scotland brings us a new biography of one of the most intriguing figures of early modern European history.

Setting Mary firmly in the context of the cultural and intellectual climate of the time, Warnicke brings to life what it must have really been like to be a female monarch in the sixteenth century.

Examining all aspects of her life, Warnicke particularly pays attention to the personal side of Marys life; her three marriages, her constant illness, and her role in numerous plots and conspiracies, and looks at her reign, from the age of one week, as some-time queen of France, the cousin once removed, rival, and general thorn in the side of Elizabeth I, who ultimately had her executed for treason.

Mary Queen of Scots is a fascinating read for students, historians and enthusiasts alike.

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