Cultural Anthropology

Richard L. Warms; Serena Nanda




Wadsworth Pub Co

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Renowned for its outstanding integration of rich ethnographies into the core text, CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Ninth Edition continues to bring you excellent coverage of cultures from around the world. The text also continues to emphasize issues of gender, stratification, ethnicity, globalization, and contemporary issues. This revision integrates the most recent research updates as well as high interest student features such as "Anthropology Makes A Difference" and "Global Connections" features that capture a key message of the text, that the study of anthropology is important because it builds awareness and helps develop informed citizens, of the many similarities as well as differences, between cultures around the world. In addition to the text, this new edition offers an innovative student study tool, Cultural Anthropology NOW, which allows students to assess their understanding of the material through Pre-Tests, Personalized Study Plans and Post-Test materials. Study Plans references specific text material to help the student and incorporate many tools and video exercises to help students visualize the cultures they are reading about and gain a better understanding of the concepts discussed. The plans can be assigned and progress tracked by instructors. Visit for a demonstration.

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