Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior

Ricky W. Griffin




Houghton Mifflin College Div

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Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior is a comprehensive, concise text designed to equip future managers with an understanding of the basic foundations of behavior. The text uses an applied learning approach to illustrate the core themes. Case studies, interactive exercises, and topics for discussion based on real-life scenarios are among the tools employed to help students make the transition from textbook learning to real-world decision making.

  • Contemporary content culled from popular press and academic research is used to provide historical background for major topics and explore how these topics remain relevant to modern management.
  • An applied learning approach uses a variety of examples, cases, and boxed features from both large, well-known and smaller, less well-known organizations to help students understand how concepts from the text are manifest in real life management policies and procedures.
  • Case discussions and exercises at the end of each chapter illustrate how an individual company or organization puts the concepts introduced into practice.
  • The "OB online" feature encourages students to reach beyond the text to find organizations or other resources on the Web that expound upon the issues discussed in the chapter.
  • Building managerial skills activities provide an opportunity for students to further their understanding of the chapter concepts and help them make the transition from textbook learning to real-world application.
  • Review sections at the close of each chapter offer true/false and multiple-choice questions students can use to gauge their retention and comprehension of material. The answers can be found at the end of the text.
  • End-of-section case studies, highlighting companies such as Southwest Airlines, Wheelworks, Denver Broncos, Bakers' Best, and General Mills summarize the core concept of the section and provide a clear example of the theory in practice. Studies are accompanied by a video that professors may choose to air in class.

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