Influence: Science and Practice

Robert B. Cialdini




Allyn & Bacon

Publication Date:





Over a quarter million copies sold!

How does this information make you feel about the book? If, even for a moment, you thought that a proven and popular book might be the one you were interested in, you may have been persuaded by a potent principle of influence-in this case, the principle of social proof.

Have you ever found yourself saying "yes" to a telemarketer or to a child selling candy and then wonder why you have just agreed to subscribe to a magazine that you really aren't interested in or to buy a candy bar that you really don't want? In this revised, updated, and expanded book, not only will you find out what techniques were used to get you to say yes, but you will also learn some worthwhile ways to defend yourself from future requests.

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Other editions: Hardcover - 2009, Softcover - 2008, Softcover - 2007, Hardcover - 2006, Hardcover - 2004, Hardcover - 1998, Softcover - 1996, Softcover - 1993, Softcover - 1993, Softcover - 1988

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