Art and Reality: The New Standard Reference Guide and Business Plan for Actively Developing Your Career As an Artist

Robert J. Abbott




Seven Locks Pr

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When a work of art has been created, what does the artist do to get the word out and sell the object? Art & Reality is an important how-to book that shows the artist not only what to do but also how to do it -- evaluating the work, planning marketing strategies, developing presentation materials, qualifying target markets, writing letters of introduction, and much more. At a time when cutbacks in the arts are routinely taking place, Art & Reality creates new avenues to assist artists in determining what must be done to survive and prosper. This book is for the person in the arts who may not be savvy about the dollar/cost side of doing business. The perfect marriage of creativity and the real world.

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Other editions: Softcover - 2001, Hardcover - 1993

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