The Prentice Hall Dictionary Of Culinary Arts

Sarah R. Labensky; Gaye Ingram; Gaye G. Ingram; Sarah Labensky; Steve Labensky




Pearson P T R

Publication Date:





This unique exceptionally comprehensive dictionary contains over 25,000 entries covering food identification, preparation and cooking methods, nutrition, sanitation, tools and equipment, wine, beer and spirits, cigars, international foods, food chemistry, historical and cultural terms, hospitality terms and prepared dishes.

Authoritative yet concise entries

Accurate use of capitalization and accent marks

Simple, alphabetical listing for all entries, including abbreviations

Extensive cross-references

285 line drawings

Easy to read typeface and format

Phonetic pronunciation guides

Additionally, there are 14 appendices covering areas such as: metric conversions, measurement equivalents, commonly used international terms, sugar cooking temperatures, oversized wine bottles and more!

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Other editions: Hardcover - 2010, 2009, Softcover - 2009, 2008, Softcover - 2007, Softcover - 2007, 2005, 2004, Softcover - 2002, 2002

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