Man on the Moon: The Shooting Script

Scott Alexander; Larry Karaszewski; Larry Karazewski




Newmarket Pr

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Known as a "comic's comic," Andy Kaufman built his career on guest appearances on Saturday Night Live and David Letterman, transformed his "foreign man" character into the enormously successful Latka Gravas on the popular TV show Taxi, and then made headline news wrestling any woman who challenged him. His career ended tragically when he died of lung cancer at the age of 35. Today, Andy Kaufman's work is seen constantly on reruns of Taxi and on the Comedy Channel, and he is a cult figure for an entire generation of comics, from Michael Richards (Seinfeld) to Sinbad. Robin Williams, Steve Martin, and especially, Jim Carrey, have lauded Kaufman as the originator of modern comic sketches....In the NEWMARKET SHOOTING SCRIPT SERIES format, here is the complete shooting script, an introduction and notes by the award-winning screenwriters, movie stills, credits, and an interview with the director.

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