Introduction to 3d Spatial Visualization: An Active Approach

Sheryl Sorby; Anne Francis Wysocki; Beverly Gimmestad Baartmans; Beverly Baartmans




Delmar Pub

Publication Date:


Take advantage of the power of technology to develop 3D spatial visualization skills and minimize the learning curve! This revolutionary multimedia CD-ROM and its companion workbook are aimed at helping users develop the skills they need for success in a variety of technical careers, including: engineering, architecture, medicine, computer database operation, chemistry, and more. Nine fun, easy-to-use modules provide first-hand experience in working with isometric drawings, orthographic projections, reflections and symmetry, surfaces and solids of revolution, plus combining solids. Each module consists of a multimedia software component, as well as a workbook component, enabling users to learn by doing. Whether integrated into courses that require extensive 3D spatial visualization, or used as a remediation tool to help students who may be struggling due to poorly developed skills, Introduction to 3D Spatial Visualization will provide every user with a highly interactive and long-lasting learning experience.

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Other editions: 2008, 2008, Softcover - 2008, Softcover - 2000, Softcover - 1997

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