What the Animals Tell Me: The Secrets of Communicating With Your Pet

Sonya Fitzpatrick; Patricia Burkhart Smith




Thorndike Pr

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For as long as she can remember, Sonya Fitzpatrick has been blessed with the gift of being able to communicate with animals. As a child growing up in the British countryside, Sonya discovered she could comprehend what the barnyard animals were telling her. They shared everything with her - their likes and dislikes, what they wanted, why they behaved in certain ways, even the town gossip. Years later, compelled by a heartfelt love for animals, Sonya has now devoted her life to helping them. In What the Animals Tell Me, she describes the events which led her to her true calling as an animal communicator, and, in fascinating detail, she shares the remarkable stories of her amazing work with animals and the many people who have sought her guidance in establishing better communication with their pets. In What the Animals Tell Me, you'll learn about your pet's innermost thoughts and feelings because Sonya treats you to insights that come right from "the horse's mouth". You'll read about a cat named Larkspur whose distress over his owners' busy schedules led to numerous accidents; how a puppyhood filled with cruelty caused Amadeus to attack others; how Zuki, a baby iguana, fell ill from another iguana's intense jealousy; and how the lost puppy Sugar was miraculously recovered after telepathically communicating her whereabouts to Sonya. You'll even read hilarious stories from pets who tattle on their owners. In addition, Sonya gives step-by-step instructions on how to establish a telepathic link with your pet, and to look at things from your animal's point of view. This improved communication can be used to address behavior problems of al kinds, and it will enable you to understand your pet better, so that you may enjoy a closer, more rewarding relationship with your furry (or featherly or scaly) friend.

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