A Woman's Journal: Helping Women Recover A Program for Treating Addiction

Stephanie S. Covington




Jossey-Bass Inc Pub

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Based on the author's more than twenty years of experience focusing on the mental-health issues of chemically dependent women, the Helping Women Recover program is groundbreaking in its recognition of the special needs of women in recovery. Covington has isolated four major areas in a woman's life that need attention for recovery to happen: self, relationships, sexuality, and spirituality, and the program is organized to address each of these complex issues. There is also a special edition of Helping Women Recover for use in correctional settings. The program has two components. The Facilitator's Guide is for use by the practitioner, and it includes, for every group session, a session overview, a suggested script, and in-depth notes. A Woman's Journal is for use by the women outside the group, and it includes exercises and guidelines for processing and writing about life patterns and experiences.

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