Colorado Givers: A History of Philanthropic Heroes

Stephen J. Leonard; Thomas J. Noel; Kevin E. Rucker




Univ Pr of Colorado

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In Colorado Givers: A History of Philanthropic Heroes, Tom Noel, Steve Leonard, and Kevin Rucker explore the nature and significance of philanthropy in Colorado. This colorful, illustrated story sketches the lives of Aunt Clara Brown, Mother Frances Cabrini, Reverend Jim Goodheart, Francis Jacobs, and many other philanthropists who have shaped Colorado from its territorial beginnings to the present. Colorado Givers looks at expressions of charity from both individuals and large foundations, men and women, and religious and secular groups. The book defines philanthropy in a broad sense to include financial donations made by large foundations and also intangible acts of the heart. These three Colorado historians begin with Native Americans who assisted gold miners flocking to the Pikes Peak gold fields in 1859. Their engaging narrative concludes with the foundations and nonprofits who have blessed the highest state with their millions. This lavishly illustrated book includes a section of color photographs that showcases Colorado's most memorable givers and their gifts.

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