The Professional Practice of Nursing Administration

Sylvia Anderson Price; Lillian M. Simms; Naomi E. Ervin; Sylvia A. Price




Delmar Pub

Publication Date:




This third edition blends emerging ideas from the organizational, behavioral, and management sciences with nursing as it should be practiced. It includes a completely new look at the world of nursing administration, which is rapidly becoming recognized as the professional level of nursing. This indispensable resource includes the essential personal and group skills required for nurses entering the 21st century. This third edition firmly links community nursing in all settings of practice and addresses the need for learning new behaviors in creative environments that maximize the human potential of both clients and workers. In addition to providing a thorough understanding of leadership and management theories, this book includes approaches to building and running nursing entrepreneurships and businesses in community settings. This exciting new edition will help nurses develop the personal and professional skills they need to succeed. (organization, management, administration, OB, organization behavior, nursing administration, leadership, delegation, business, professional executive)

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Other editions: Hardcover - 2002, Hardcover - 2002, Hardcover - 1996, Hardcover - 1994, Hardcover - 1992, 1986, 1985, 1982, 1978

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