Potting Places: Creating Ideas for Practical Gardening Workspaces

Teri Dunn




Friedman/Fairfax Pub

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At once practical and charming, potting sheds and benches brim with the essentials of a gardener's life: well-worn tools, terra-cotta pots, heaps of rich soil, and tiny seeds that hold the promise of healthy new plants. From fully outfitted sheds to secondhand tables set beneath sunny windows, take a look at the creative design and use of potting spaces. You'll come to understand their ideal requirements--dimensions, construction materials, siting, storage, work surfaces, access, and other important factors. Almost every size and type appears, with advice on pinpointing an appropriate nook in the house or yard. Text boxes offer tips on assembling tools and supplies, decorating the shed, efficient storage, and more. Special projects provide inspiration and instructions for easily accomplished gardening activities, while beautiful color photographs of working potting spaces illustrate their many possibilities, even as they evoke the romance of the garden.

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