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Vital Statistics on Congress 1999-2000

Thomas E. Mann; Norman Ornstein; Michael J. Malbin




Aei Pr

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Vital Statistics on Congress 1999-2000 is the definitive source of essential information for all those who watch Congress -- as citizens, journalists, political scientists, students, lobbyists, and even as staff and members of the institution itself. The volume covers more than 100 key topics, including the characteristics of the membership, the internal structure of the institution, voting patterns, campaign and election statistics, staff and budgetary information, and ideology ratings for members of the past two Congresses. Find here the answers to questions such as these: -- When was the last time a president's party gained seats in a midterm election before Clinton's did so in 1998? -- Which regions of the country are Democratic strongholds? (Hint: Recent regional changes in political alignments are transforming the political landscape of the country.) -- What is the new professional background for most members of the House? (Hint: It's not the law any more.) -- How badly did the events of 1998-1999 affect Clinton's support in Congress? -- Is partisanship really on the rise?

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