The Business Writer

Verne Meyer; John Van Rys; Patrick Sebranek




Houghton Mifflin College Div

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The Business Writer functions both as a teaching tool and a lifelong reference to help students master the skills they need for effective workplace writing. The text's colorful, handbook-style design brings a fresh, new approach to teaching business writing by presenting material in one- or two-page spreads with bulleted lists, brief explanations, summary boxes, and graphic organizers that deliver information to readers quickly and clearly. Comprehensive and practical coverage-including a focus on the "Seven Traits of Effective Writing," detailed guidelines, models, and checklists-prepares students to complete a wide range of workplace writing tasks. In addition, a wealth of end-of-chapter exercises enables students to practice their writing skills, while helpful activities give students opportunities for effective oral communication.

  • The text's consistent emphasis on the "Seven Traits of Effective Writing" (strong ideas, logical organization, conversational voice, clear words, smooth sentences, correct copy, and reader-friendly design) provides a benchmark for students as they plan and revise their work. It also helps instructors save time as they grade assignments.
  • Annotated sample materials in each chapter show students the key features of typical workplace documents.
  • The authors provide the latest information on using technology to research, write, and design effective documents in both print and electronic formats.
  • Chapter 4, "Writing for Diversity," discusses how to write for individuals from different cultures or with limited English-language skills. Chapter 50, "Addressing ESL Issues," offers specialized guidance on sentence structure, word choice, grammar, and mechanics.
  • Exercises at the end of each chapter help students think critically about the material they have just learned and apply that knowledge to various writing assignments.

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