The Blue Corn Murders: A Eugenia Potter Mystery

Virginia Rich; Nancy Pickard




Delacorte Pr

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Award-winner Nancy Pickard serves up a new and wickedly delicious Eugenia Potter culinary mystery that her ravenous fans are certain to enjoy.In Eugenia Potter, author Virginia Rich created one of the mystery genre's most endearing sleuths--a character the San Francisco Chronicle called "one of the most delightful new detectives to appear in years." With the sad passing of Virginia Rich, author Nancy Pickard picked up pen and spoon and continued the adventures, culinary and deductive, of Mrs. Potter, first in The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders, and now in The Blue Corn Murders.Partaking of such treats as Cream Cheese Corn Bread and Sweet Dream Cookies, the inimitable Eugenia "Genia" Potter visits the Medicine Wheel Archaeological Camp near Cortez, Colorado, where she hopes to glean the wisdom of the ancients and see some exciting ruins. When trouble begins to brew (a busload of youngsters disappears and a pair of visitors to the camp mysteriously turns up dead) Genia shows that even out of the kitchen, she can still take the heat.

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Other editions: Hardcover - 2001, Softcover - 1995, Softcover - 1989, Softcover - 1989, Hardcover - 1985, Hardcover - 1985, Hardcover - 1983, Hardcover - 1983, Hardcover - 1982, Hardcover - 1982

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