Anatomy of a Lie: The Truth About Lies and Why Good People Tell Them

Zondervan Pub House; Diane M. Komp





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Anatomy of a Lie offers a riveting, close-up look at lying, the moral epidemic that affects our faith, our marriages, our children, our relationships, our careers, and every aspect of our lives. With surgical precision, Yale Medical School physician and best-selling author Diane Komp probes the human soul to uncover the causes of our lies -- and the cure. This forthright, deeply human book is rich in true-life examples -- including those from the author's own life. With candor, Komp shares her personal struggles to grow as a truth-teller. She also tells the stories of some remarkable individuals: the Civil War POW who wrote the book, A Lie Never Justifiable; the college senior who believes he has kept his commitment made back in junior high to never tell a lie; and others embody our own triumphs and failures as lovers of truth.

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