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Thing1 & Thing2

Abebooks recently announced a partnership with LibraryThing. If you don’t know what LibraryThing is, it is an online service to help people catalog their books – with a social twist. You can tag, review and rate the books. LibraryThing compares your catalog, tags and ratings to other users to come up with some interesting lists, statistics and recommendations.

I’ve been using Delicious Library for a number of years since it catalogs all my media (CDs, books, DVDs, records), but LibraryThing may be interesting enough to perhaps pull me away from that piece of eye candy, and it is handy to have web access to your library whenever you’re away from home.

It’s a free sign-up, so try it out. It can be quite addictive as it starts to generate recommendations and you check out the libraries of people with similar books to yours.

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One Response to “Thing1 & Thing2”

  1. I have to emphasize the warning, LibraryThing can be horribly addictive. Though I was a bit disappointed in the generated recommendations. They can be quite predictable, as in, if you own one book by this author, you might enjoy every other book she’s ever written. People will naturally have multiple books by authors they like, hence the obvious recommendations based on comparing libraries. Which is not to say I haven’t found some great titles through the site.

    Anyway, the founder, Tim Spalding, has some interesting comments on the partnership. He’s got a great perspective on what Abe does for independent sellers. Hope no one gave him access to the seller’s forum…