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Searching for Google

If you go to a Google event then you’d expect it to be easy to find. After all, that’s what they are all about. A party of Abebooks and BookFinder.com staff are currently at the Frankfurt Book Fair and we decided to let our hair down at the Google party after the Fair’s opening day.

One subway ride, one tram ride and many minutes wandering around darkened streets, and we were rather confused about where this high profile party, arranged to smooth talk publishers, was actually taking place.

“Surely they haven’t arranged the party in a gas station?” asks someone as we stagger past another Esso sign.

And there it is… a lovely but poorly attended party hosted by one of the world’s largest companies, who simply can’t win over the publishing crowd. It looks like Google might have conquered the world of search but publishers remain a different story.

Posted by on October 4, 2006.

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