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Archive | November, 2006

Do you like green eggs and ham?

If you’re not sure because you’ve never tried them, now you can!  Yesterday’s edition of our local newspaper in Victoria tipped me off to a new recipe collection, the Green Eggs & Ham Cookbook.  I recalled my childhood excitement over the silliness of Dr Seuss and such a meal but then I became intrigued – what do green […]

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Bad sex in fiction

The Literary Review’s annual Bad Sex in Fiction award, now in its 14th year, is always worth a read. The Guardian goes to town on it with extracts of the shortlisted books. Fans of this kind of literature can buy the winning book here – but remember we’ll know who you are. Plus Indigo Chapters is […]

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Independent & Small Press Book Fair

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend in the New York area – you can stop by the Independent & Small Press Book Fair.

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Philip K Dick revival

The Library of America is going to reissue four of Philip K Dick’s novels next year, including Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 2007 marks 25 years since the release of the Bladerunner movie. That quarter of a century went quick – it seems like yesterday that I watched that film.

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Textbooks going cheap

If you’re in Illinois and someone offers you some college textbooks on the cheap then just say no.

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Book news

Lots of interesting stories from the weekend. The Times (of London) talks about book jackets and also author Ian McEwan, who has been accused of copying. The New York Times and Canada’s Globe and Mail both have lists for books of the year. Also a big thanks to Kevin from Bisonscat Books, who pointed out this […]

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Literary Locales

If you’re planning a literary holiday, the Literary Locales pages may come in handy.

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Penguin Book Covers and LibraryThing’s UnSuggester

Tim from LibraryThing is constantly amazing me. I’ve been testing his UnSuggester, which recommends the books you are unlikely to read if you own/have read another. It’s fun to plug in your favourite titles or bestsellers and see what the opposite reads are. Another great book thing today is My Penguin: classic books with blank covers […]

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Book Art

UK artist Su Blackwell uses books as the medium for some striking pieces.

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Mexican picture books and a literary quiz

As always The Guardian has some interesting things – like this story from California about ‘fotonovelas’ being used to fight drug crime and then there’s an excellent quiz on the ‘Great American Novel’ to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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