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Heroes vs. Watchmen

After watching Heroes last night, I am struck by some similarities in the story line as Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Anyone else notice this?

(PS. If you are a fan of the show, I highly recommend Watchmen. It’s not a typical superhero type story – although it revolves around superheroes – it presents a darker, more ‘adult’ world – ultimately is a story about the people rather than the powers.)

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3 Responses to “Heroes vs. Watchmen”

  1. I actually noted this very thing. Linderman is rationalizing a lot like Ozymandius did.

  2. Yes, definitely. It’s interesting since Tim Kring (Heroes creator) has repeatedly said that he hasn’t ever really been into comics, and didn’t read them. Perhaps some of the other writers, or it’s just one of those universal themes/plots.

  3. Excellent bits of information, dude! Thanks!