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Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s book review

There is an online petition in an attempt to save the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s book review section, which is under threat.

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Richard Davies

One Response to “Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s book review”

  1. Johnnie Godbold July 29, 2016 at 10:56 pm

    I think I know a way to save the book review section of Atlanta journal. I have a book. Its the book of Revelation. This book is dangerous because this year is a Jubilee year. People need to know what that means. to include the four blood moons and two eclipse in 2014 and 2015. What this reveals is the last days. The last days reveal the book of Revelation. I have rewrite the book of Revelation to make it simple to read and no more mystery to the book. The Prophecy in the Bible are coming to past and no one is warning the People that the book of Revelation is coming. This book can save the book review every one whats to know the Prophecy of the Bible its the conclusion to the whole story. why not give it a try. I am a self Publisher, local resident it would make a great story. This Prophecy is set to be reveal in Sept 2016. Let me know where to send my book. see for yourself if its worth a shoot. Take Care