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AbeBooks launches its Religion and Spirituality Room

We’d like to introduce our new Religion and Spirituality Room at AbeBooks.com. Books about faith are immensely popular amongst our customers and we’ve now decided to dedicate an entire section of the site to these increasingly popular titles. There’s a lot of talk in the publishing industry about the demand for Christian books but we’re going to be featuring as many faiths and beliefs as possible – that’s because we know our customers already purchase books about Hinduism, Buddhism and many other subjects. Often these books just can’t be found in mainstream bookstores.

Check out the interview with author Noah Levine – he’s not your regular Buddhist by any stretch of the imagination.  There’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about collecting bibles. Also, there are the top 100 spiritual books of the 20th century and religious books for children.

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Richard Davies

One Response to “AbeBooks launches its Religion and Spirituality Room”

  1. Namasthe: It is so nice to read you are going to be featuring as many faiths and beliefs as possible such as Hinduism, Buddhism and many other subjects. May God bless you.

    On my part, I am the author of an international best seller on Hinduism by name AM I A HINDU? http://www.amiahindu.com [ISBN 1-879904-06-3 HALO BOOKS, USA and RUPA PRESS in India, which has sold many copies around the globe….

    Dr. Stephen Prothero Chairman of Religious studies, Boston university is recommending every one to read AM I A HINDU? in USA TODAY …Thursday March 8, 2007 page 2D Life Section as well as NEWSWEEK


    Ed Viswanathan


    What is Hinduism?