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Archive | June, 2007

Smoking in literature

Today in the Guardian’s Blog they take a look at literatures finest smokers! … When asked for his favourite smoking moment in literature, James Walton proffered Raymond Chandler’s book The Little Sister. Marlowe is being hired by a seemingly prissy young woman, who voices her disapproval of liquor, adding “I don’t think I’d care to […]

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World Book Cart Drill Team Championship

There is some news…. librarians in Delaware are preparing for the World Book Cart Drill Team Championship.

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Books and Spice Girls

Aside from the thrilling announcement that the Spice Girls are reuniting, there really isn’t much news about today. USA Today has lots of lists for summer reading – here are some beach reads, the AP says Oprah is opening a store (packed full of self-help books, non-fiction books that are completely made up and perhaps […]

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We’ll be fine

“No…no….we’re going to be fine. Yes, we know Harry Potter ends on July 21 but we’re going to be fine. No… really.” The BBC reports on Bloomsbury.

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Publishing News writes about Tunnels and reveals an extra 30,000 copies have been printed to accompany the original 20,000. Buy it here and we’ll soon know if it really is the next Harry Potter.

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Khaled Hosseini interview

Khaled Hosseini’s latest book, A Thousand Splendid Suns, is one of AbeBooks’ bestselling titles at the moment with signed copies in much demand – here’s an interview with the author originally printed in the Los Angeles Times. In his new book, Hosseini offers a bleak, heartbreaking portrait of Afghan women: He writes of mothers who […]

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Do you have an eyesight problem? Take our large print survey

About six months ago, I read my first ever large print book. I’m 39 and I borrowed it from the library because it was the only copy available and I really wasn’t that bothered about the size of the text. I found the whole large text reading experience pretty good. I wear glasses for driving […]

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Potter poetry

We’ve been deluged by Potter Poets keen to win our unique Harry Potter bookshelf. With the closing date fast approaching, here is a small selection of poetry saluting the Boy Wizard. We’ll post more poems soon. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far.

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My Left Foot

A Dublin auctioneer selling a typewriter used by Irish author Christy Brown has withdrawn it from sale. It followed Brown’s sister questioning claims that the Olympia Splendid 99 typewriter was used by the author to write his autobiography, My Left Foot, reports the BBC.

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Competing with JK

It’s not easy being a teenage fantasy writer when your debut book is published under the looming shadow of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

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