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Cheap textbooks

Sorry that we’re late with blogging today. The US college textbook season is almost upon us and we’re preparing for our busiest time of the year. One of our tech folks informed me a few months ago that at the very peak of the Fall back-to-school season (last week of August), AbeBooks.com experiences 90 book searches per second.

Yesterday, we were recommended for offering cheap textbooks by Gerri Willis, CNN’s personal finance guru, and we always see a flurry of articles about the high price of US college textbooks in August.

I went to college in the UK more years ago than I can remember but was astounded by the list prices of textbooks when I came over here.

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Richard Davies

One Response to “Cheap textbooks”

  1. the book prices in this country are ridiculous. what student can afford more than $100 a book w/o parental support. i’ve found that international textbooks are the way to go. a little time on the net and some good research has saved me more than 50% on each book. even cheaper than this site. put the isbn in google and read away. some sites offer international versions but you need to look hard. ebay is also good; you can support india’s poor by buying books from them over ebay. AMERICA is great country that rips off its students and ensures that they are in debt by graduation so they will spend the next 15+yrs paying off their student loans