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Oprah comes to Vancouver Island

Some of you will know that AbeBooks.com is headquartered on Vancouver Island in British Columbia in Canada. We’re on the left-hand side of Canada in a city called Victoria but most of the island is true wilderness. Few roads, lots of forest, cougars, bears and various other critters.

Well, the Island had an unexpected visitor over the weekend when Oprah visited Alert Bay – a small community way up in the northern parts. She arrived on a luxury cruiser with a billionaire companion.

Aside from taking in the incredible scenery, the whales and pottering around the rather surprised Alert Bay community, I wonder if Oprah had something to read during her trip around this part of the world? Vancouver Island is packed with authors so she’d have plenty to choose from if she wanted something local.

Vancouver Islander Garry Geddes would be an excellent selection. The Washington Post recommended his 2005 book, Kingdom of Ten Thousands Things, several weeks ago.

There’s also Susan Stenson – a local teacher, author, poet and a huge supporter of AbeBooks.com.

And then there’s Wendy Morton – a private investigator/poet (and no-one else combines those two jobs) and creator of Random Acts of Poetry.

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Richard Davies

One Response to “Oprah comes to Vancouver Island”

  1. Oprah reads a lot as I am an avide member of her Oprah Book Club. Having live in the Pacific Northwest for 10 years between Seattle, WA and Portland, OR, I started out in 1998 from vancouver, B.C.

    I also spent time in Vancouver, B.C. and Ottawa, Canada in the mid 90’s to late 90’s having been an official Youth and Young Entrepreneur Representative for the 18 country member of the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) during the Clinton years.

    I had also a time when officially we visited the Abe Books smaller office then. In fact, it’s one of the reason I have joined Abe as I believed in their founding principles.

    Alex Esguerra
    Former APEC Youth Representative 1996-98