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World’s greatest fictional travellers

I spotted this link on Bookslut and I’m so glad Dora the Explorer makes this list as she’s a huge part of our family life – we watch the Dora shows, we’ve got the Dora books, we’ve got the Dora toys, we’ve got the Dora pyjamas, we’ve got the Dora umbrella, we’ve got Dora sneakers, we’ve got Dora bandaids, we even saw the Dora stage show etc etc

There are more great suggestions for great fictional travellers in the comments.

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Richard Davies

One Response to “World’s greatest fictional travellers”

  1. The list is very interesting, but I’m sorry they don’t include the Lord of the Rings. This is classic travel writing, a great story, and appeal to all age groups and demographics.

    Thanks for this link, however. As someone who writes books where travelling matters (if only as the background for other reflections), I find the point of view here fascinating.



    who’d never been abroad before age 57 when she started working on some non-fiction, which have resulted in a couple of books.