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Archive | October, 2007

The I Hate To Cook Book

The New York Times reports the death of Peg Bracken – she is hardly a household name today but 47 years ago she made waves by publishing The I Hate to Cook Book. Ms. Bracken’s cookbook, with illustrations by Hilary Knight, quickly became a staple of suburban homes. Published in various editions over the years, […]

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Story Laboratory in Action

For the last three days, the Story Laboratory has helped more than 120 children write their own stories and make their own books at beautiful Granville Island during the Vancouver International Writers and Readers Festival. Here you can see kids hard at work, showing off their creations, and a couple examples of some of the […]

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Irish Misery Lit

I won’t be reading Anne Enright’s The Gathering. I’m sure it’s a great book but a long time ago I read Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha and that nearly killed me with sadness. Earlier this year, I finally got around to reading Angela’s Ashes and that was hardly a barrel of laughs either. I’m sorry […]

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Story Laboratory in Vancouver

If you are thinking in attending the Vancouver Writers Festival on Friday (19 Oct), look out for the AbeBooks.com Story Laboratory booth. We’ve been staging book-building workshops for children from local schools since Tuesday and Friday’s workshops are open to anyone. AbeBooks.com started the book-building program last year with a series of events at libraries […]

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Morally Superior

Author Martin Amis certainly knows how to make friends and influence people in the Islamic world.

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Holiday Preparation

The holiday season is upon us weather you are ready or not and I don’t just mean the “C” word, there’s Halloween and Thanksgiving for our American readers. To help you get ready for all of the parties and hordes of guests we’ve put together a special section of craft and cooking books to help […]

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Bring a Book to the Ball Game

TV cameras spotted Stephen King, a huge Boston Red Sox fan, reading The Ghost by Robert Harris between innings at the Red Sox/Cleveland Indians playoff game last Friday. King told a reporter that he can read 18 pages between each innings.

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Kiran Desai – The Booker Prize One Year On

AbeBooks.com has an interview with last year’s Booker Prize winner Kiran Desai who triumphed with The Inheritance of Loss. The Indian-born author who now lives in New York talks about the role of luck in her victory, book-burning in India and her quest to write a third novel.

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Awards & Jobs

We are very pleased to announce that last week we were awarded with the distinction of being one of the top 100 employers in Canada by McLean’s Magazine for the fifth year in a row. And also one of the top 40 employers in B.C. More exciting however is that on the second of November […]

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Doris Less Than Thrilled

Confronted by the media on the doorstep of her home, Doris Lessing shows that being awarded the Nobel Prize for literature means absolutely nothing to her.

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