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A Shattered Peace

Seven months ago, I was standing at the AbeBooks booth at the Book Expo America event in New York when a man in suit walked up and said: “Ahh, you’re AbeBooks!”

His name was David Andelman and he is an executive editor at Forbes.com, and he had a story to tell. “I couldn’t have written my book without your site,” he said. “I love AbeBooks. I bought so many books from you guys to help with my research.”

A veteran journalist with extensive foreign affairs reporting experience, David had penned A Shattered Peace and it concerns the Treaty of Versailles – the post-World War I settlement between the world’s ruling nations. At school, I had extensively studied this period of European history so I knew Versailles had led to the rise of the Nazis in Germany and eventually World War II. David’s book explains how the treaty also set the foundations for many other modern conflicts – many of which are still raging today from Iraq to Palestine.

Here is our interview with David – best of luck to one of our finest customers.

Posted by on December 3, 2007.

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