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Archive | January, 2008

Lee Child interview

Here’s another crime fiction interview for you mystery buff’s. Lee Child talks about his newest novel and how he got the idea to write it.

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Books for Super Bowl

Sports books are one of my passions, particularly football books, American football that is, although I also read soccer books too but they are, of course, football books in reality. With the Super Bowl around the corner, some of my thoughts and recommendations about great football books are currently on the site. Everyone should read […]

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Graham Hurley interview

The Guardian – as always the booklover’s newspaper – interviews crime writer Graham Hurley. Portsmouth’s version of Ian Rankin.

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Dreaming of bookshops

A lot of people dream about opening a cosy little bookstore – here’s another one in The Guardian blog

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Books of Hours

AbeBooks.com currently has an excellent feature about books of hours thanks to our friends at Fine Books & Collections magazine. As a group, Books of Hours are arguably the most beautiful of all books. They are also some of the most expensive, with modest examples starting in five figures. One of the finest Book of […]

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Books on investing

Forbes.com has the best books on investing. I won’t be reading these books – what’s the point? I can’t make an investment with my life savings of an old button and a packet of M&Ms, although this one sounds OK….. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, by Edwin Lefèvre For pure entertainment, this book is hard […]

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Books, authors and money

Lots of stories have caught my eye this morning….. 100 years of Mills & Boon in The Observer in the UK; From The Guardian, online shoppers prefer books – oh thank God for that!; Martin Amis earns £3,000 per hour for teaching creative writing at the University of Manchester according to The Guardian – nice […]

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Books That Make You Dumb

Someone took the time to compare the SAT scores and the ten most popular books at every college (on FaceBook). And while as the creator points out correlation does not equal causation – the results are interesting.

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Crime books

“Crime books easier to write than ‘serious’ novels? That attitude is, frankly, cobblers”. God, I love the word ‘cobblers’ – I also love the word ‘bobbins’, another very effective word for describing anything that’s rubbish…. like Dan Brown books for instance. (In case you didn’t know, cobblers is Cockney rhyming slang for cobbler’s awls – […]

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Penny Bloods

The Guardian has a feature on ‘penny bloods’ with Johnny Depp’s Sweeney Todd movie now open in the UK. The term “penny blood” – first used to describe a popular genre of literature in the first half of the 19th century – originated as a term of abuse. “Bloods”, as one would expect, generally retailed […]

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