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100 Books Every Child Should Read

The Telegraph has compiled a list of 100 books every child should read. In the introduction they state:

“We have to stop proclaiming reading as a ladder to academic success. Treated simply as an educational commodity, some kind of pill to be taken to aid intellectual development, it is all too often counter-productive and ultimately alienating. Of course we must and should study literature in our schools, but first we have to imbue our children with a love of stories.”

What are the books you think children should read?

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One Response to “100 Books Every Child Should Read”

  1. Real ones, not paperbacks, borrowed by the young person herself from her nearest big children’s library on her weekly visit. To be read either as Jane reads Bewick’s “Birds” or curled under the bedclothes with a torch.

    And what on earth does the author mean by “we have to imbue …”? Rather “we have to recognise that nature has imbued …”.

    Also don’t forget that book unequals story. Can’t remember the girl’s name in “Ballet Shoes” who was into engineering.