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Sony eReader vs books

The new Sony e-Reader is reviewed in the Globe and Mail.

Technologically, perhaps. The Sony Reader PRS 505 is, compared to most of its competitors, small, capable of storing whole libraries, thin (15 mm, including its soft front and back leather-like covers), light enough (337 grams) to hold for a long period of time without fatigue, and ultimately really cool-looking. And the number of books being released is growing every day.

In short, wow.

But it still doesn’t supersede or even match the experience of reading a traditional book. In fact, it can be argued that technologically, the PRS 505 and all digital readers are still far behind the technology that has been stuffed into books made from paper since Gutenberg turned the crank on his press in 1454.

Oh thank God for that! I was worried there for a minute.

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Richard Davies

One Response to “Sony eReader vs books”

  1. Absolutely love reading on the Kindle. The 16 shades of grey are really easy on the eyes. Being able to access the Kindle store at the touch of a button is a really nice feature. I subscribed to the Washington Post which downloads every morning. That alone makes the Kindle worth it. $25 dollars cheaper than getting the post delivered to my door.

    Would recommend this to anyone who loves to read or wants to start reading. Makes reading enjoyable and faster.