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The man who hates secondhand books

I don’t really hate anyone or anything as life is too short, but I’m very tempted to hate this blogger at The Guardian today. He hates secondhand books, so I should really stand up for the world’s secondhand book business as it clothes and feeds my family.

OK – let’s examine the facts. The blogger is called Chas Newkey-Burden. Chas, clearly a posh kid trying to be ‘street’ by being Chas rather than Charles, is the author of Great Email Disasters and Paris Hilton: Life On The Edge. Ohhh – weren’t those two memorable tomes up for the Booker Prize last year? Oh no, I remember now, they were in the remainder pile. It will be a pleasure for AbeBooks to sell secondhand copies of Chas’ literary efforts but I think we’ll be lucky to shift them.

Long live secondhand books!

Posted by on June 19, 2008.

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