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Andrew Davidson’s The Gargoyle – an AbeBooks Interview

The Gargoyle is already the most hyped debut novel of the year. Penned by Andrew Davidson, a 39-year-old native of Winnipeg in Canada, the book is not the regular run-of-the-mill first-time effort from a promising newbie. The Gargoyle is expected to smash records and the publishers are backing the book to the hilt with a substantial worldwide marketing campaign.

In the coming months, we are going to be hearing a lot about Andrew Davidson and his book concerning a cynical and vain drug-addled porn star burned to a crisp in horrible car accident. While on the slow painful road to recovery, the now-suicidal ex-porn star meets an apparently crazy gargoyle sculptor, who claims she’s known him for 700 years dating back to her time as a nun in a medieval German monastery. OK?

Read the rest of the interview at AbeBooks.com

And here’s what the NY Times book review has to say about The Gargoyle.

Posted by on August 15, 2008.

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