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Books from Wasilla, Alaska

Bear Hunting in AlaskaThree weeks ago, no-one had heard of Wasilla, Alaska, and now it’s the most famous smalltown in the world thanks to Sarah Palin. A single of keyword search on AbeBooks and I was surprised to find a decent number of books that had been written about Wasilla, written in Wasilla, published in Wasilla or inspired by Wasilla. Enjoy our top 10 examples of ‘Wasilla Literature.’

I found Wasilla is a mecca for hunting books and was strangely drawn to Sheep Stalking in Alaska by Tony Russ. I had no idea that people hunted sheep. Now I imagine things can get pretty dicey when hunting bears and wolves and perhaps even those massive mooses, but what is a sheep going to do you? Give you a nasty friction burn with its wool?

And what about New Eyes on Old Alaska by Edward Godnig – Wasilla’s optometrist/memoirist? HarperCollins, Random House – sign this guy up.

Posted by on September 23, 2008.

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