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Signed Barack Obama book sells for $2,495

AbeBooks.com is experiencing a lot of interest in signed Barack Obama books. Today (Wednesday), we sold a signed first edition of The Audacity of Hope for $2,495. Our previous most expensive Barack Obama sale was $1,798 for a signed copy of Dreams From My Father.

We have also sold seven other Barack Obama books priced $1,000 or over. I’m sure more signed books will sell overnight. To be honest, I didn’t expect to be selling so many high priced Barack Obama books today because his signed books have been very expensive for a very long time. Buyers are simply not being put off by four-figure price-tags. They are clearly thinking that this is a very unique moment in American political history and that these are special books.

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Richard Davies

2 Responses to “Signed Barack Obama book sells for $2,495”

  1. Once the man took the podium at the 2004 Demoratic National Convention as a canadate for senator of Illinois. Obama connected on a personal level with millions of Americans. He became a man with a destiny to the white house. Along with this came the interest of the autograph collector. At first, Obama would sign for as many people as possible. Then, it became overwhelming. There was not enought time in the day for him to sign. Telling the fans he did not have enough time and if they didn’t mind to wait until Obama could sign them after the event, his staff would take the items to a back room and give them back later. Some received the item back with an authentic signuture, but many did not. Obama’s staff often used an Autopen to sign the items for him. Autopens are commonly used by presidents and other politicians for official purposes and autograph requests by mail. A high percentage of autograph requests mailed to Obama’s Senate offices were sent back with a autopen signature, but his use of one on the campaign trail was a first.

    Value brings greed

    The value of a Barack Obama signature are in the hundreds, if not the thousands and continues to climb. He might possibly be the most saught after signature to date. With this news many of the forgeries have began to surface. Obama’s large signature is easy to copy, because it consists mostly of his initials. A survey conducted found that 85-percent of Obama autographs were likely forgeries, autopen or secreterial.

    The Study Begins

    Michael Frost head autograph authenticator for P.A.A.S. “Professional Autograph Authentication Services Inc.” with over 25 years in business has been established as one of the foremost authenticators in the autograph industry. P.A.A.S. authenticates autographs of sports, entertainment and historical signatures using handwriting experts and state of the art security detection technology. Michael Frost is the foremost expert in the Country on the signature and handwriting of Barack Obama. He has a signature study about to be released through the
    IADA-CC. Michael Frost has studied and authenticated hundreds of Barack Obama signatures over the past 2 years. P.A.A.S. now has a library of over 1000 exemplars of Barack Obama signatures and handwriting going back to his early Political career. Mike Frost has obtained over 45,000 autographs in person and has authenticated over 7500 autographs. Michael Frost is a true pioneer in the autograph hobby and autograph authentication industry. Mike Frost has worked hand and hand with 100’s of athletes and celebrities with private signings and personal appearances.** Michael Frost could be reached at specialagent 711@aol.com or http://www.paasautographs.com He is looking for examples and all input on Barack Obama handwriting and auto pen signatures. He is also looking for in-person experiences and comments for

  2. Frances Howard March 6, 2009 at 2:28 am

    Hi, my name is Frances and I have two Obama books. “Audacity of Hope” with Obama’s signature and “Dreams of my father” unsigned. Barack Obama was here in Iowa and there was a book signing at that time, of less than 25 books. There weren’t many books at the speaking engagement. How do I go about getting the signature authenticated and a certificate of authentication? And last, what is the purpose of a laser signature if it is to be authenticated? Wouldn’t it be useless? Please respond. I am an avid collector of Obama memorabelia. Thanks for your response.

    Fran Howard