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Things found in books

The New York Times book section made a stab at investigating the ‘Things Found in Books’ phenomenon at the weekend. A few interesting things but it doesn’t compare the 40 $1,000 bills story from the feature that AbeBooks put up in the summer.

“A wealthy, elderly woman in my town died a few years ago and left a large book collection with many fine books, much of which wound up in my inventory. The remaining books went to a local thrift shop, including a microwave cookbook which, as it turned out, contained 40 $1000 bills. The book was purchased by someone from out of town who was idling away the time waiting for her ride. She took the money to a local bank to verify its authenticity and that was how we heard about it. She didn’t give a cent back to the thrift shop, either. A deeply frustrating experience for many, I can assure you.”

Posted by on December 22, 2008.


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