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Tales for Tots Tuesday: 50 Below Zero by Robert Munsch

I love that there are books labeled as “Classic Munsch” for indeed, Robert Munsch‘s books are just that – classic!

50 Below Zero is a good example of this.  It’s written in a manner that is perfect for storytelling. You can’t help but get into it and sound out a silly “zzzzz-zzzzz-zzzzz-zzzzz-zzzzz” to show that Jason is sleeping or say an overly dramatic “craaaazy” as you’d imagine the little boy doing.

Jason is a little boy who is repeatedly wakened throughout the night by unusual noises. He gets out of bed to discover the noise was caused by his sleep-walking father who has gotten himself into some amusing predicaments.  Each time, Jason wakes up his father who jumps up and runs around three times before heading back to bed.

When Jason finds his father outside in the freezing cold, he comes up with very creative solutions to get his dad back inside and to prevent any further “episodes”.

Each page has some repetition that little kids get right into.  There’s also the perfect amount of silliness that will most certainly invoke laughter as will Michael Martchenko‘s illustrations.

I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of 50 Below Zero and any other Robert Munsch book for that matter. Munsch books lend themselves well to being read aloud and they make it a really enjoyable experience for both children and adults.

Right now, if you live in Canada or the USA, you can enter for your chance to win a  copy of 50 Below Zero signed by Robert Munsch! Please visit our contest page for more information and to enter.

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2 Responses to “Tales for Tots Tuesday: 50 Below Zero by Robert Munsch”

  1. The Munsch book is a Canadian one, and I’m a Canadian reader, but because I buy a large number (usually through Abebooks but not always) of secondhand — and often out of print — children’s books for my kids and myself, I’m wondering about Abebooks staff’s thoughts on the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, scheduled to go into effect on Feb. 10 and targeting anything, including books, geared toward children ages 12 and under. Any copies of Munsch’s books in the US would clearly be affected and would be unable to be sold.


  2. Richard Davies


    Check out this press release which clarifies the whole issue for secondhand sellers


    This isn’t going to be a problem for our sellers.