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Martin Luther King Jr In Books

One of the things I love about working here at AbeBooks is the discoveries I make. Pretty much any topic, event, or notable name triggers an “I wonder if we have a book…” response.

With today being Martin Luther King day in the United States, I was prompted to see what collectible books by King we had for offer on the site.  (Ok, truth be told, I couldn’t help myself – I had to look as my curiosity got the better of me.) The offerings are pretty outstanding. There are thank-you notes signed by King, a book inscribed to his children’s babysitter, a first day issue MLK stamp and cover that was released on what would have been King’s 50th birthday and first editions of King’s first book, Stride Toward Freedom.

A first edition copy of Strength to Love with a rubber-stamped greeting in King’s handwriting can be purchased for just $250.00(USD) while a first edition copy of Where Do We Go From Here? inscribed to Leonard Bernstein will cost you $15,290.00.

Isn’t it great how book not only allow you to learn about history but also enable you to own a piece of that history? Just another reason to love books!

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2 Responses to “Martin Luther King Jr In Books”

  1. Why Linfield holds class on Martin Luther King jr Day I don’t quite understand, this is a federally recognized holiday which

  2. I think it’s commendable that Dr. Martin L. King’s life is being celebrated. I think he is one of the greatest Americans since the founding of our country. I especially like the idea that his spiritual relevance is being spotlighted. He transformed our society from one permeated with racism to one in which most people regardless of their race or culture can participate.
    I once met Dr. King when I was a teenager. A local supermarket chain refused to hire black teens as bag boys and I was one of the teenagers who was not allowed to work. Dr. King and his organization SCLC led a protest/picket campaign. Dr. King spoke at a local theatre one night and I got to meet him one on one! I’ll remember the experience and what he told me forever. I tell of this chance meeting with one of the greatest heroes in American culture, in my book, “Talking Penny.”